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Bid Process

The Construction department manages the construction, and retrofitting of campus buildings and their surroundings.  

We administer the design agreement and construction contract process in compliance with the California Public Contract Code and University of California policy.

UC Merced conducts:

  • Formal Competitive Bidding for construction projects valued above $100,000 via public advertisement 
  • Informal Competitive Bidding for construction projects valued between $50,000 and $100,000 and
  • Either informal competitive bidding or negotiatied contracting for construction projects valued at less than $50,000, as allowed by Code and UC Policy. 

Vendor Registration

Please visit our website here to register your firm in our database. We refer to this database when selecting firms for work on Campus. Please note that we currently do not send routine notifications to registered vendors regarding open RFPs and construction bids.  Please check our website regularly for a current list of open RFPs and construction bids at .You can also find this information at the McGraw Hill website

For questions regarding vendor registration, please contact Yasmeen Jewel at


Advertising for UC Merced construction projects valued above $100,000 may be found on our website.

Please click on this website to review the Annual Announcement issued by UC Office of the President.

Bid Openings

For information on bid openings, delivery process and deadlines please contact:

Fran Telechea

Requests for Qualifications/Requests for Proposals

The University issues RFQs and RFPs for a variety of design and construction projects. Commonly, an RFQ is used to develop a short list of the most qualified development teams to compete in the RFP Phase.

For certain more specialized projects where there are a limited number of qualified entities all of whom are known to the University, it may be appropriate to issue an RFP to those entities, saving the RFQ step.