The Social Sciences and Management Building houses the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts.
The University of California, Merced campus is the first Research University built in the 21st century.
Science and Engineering 2 is a 102,000-square-foot facility overlooking the next phase of campus development.
The Student Services Building is a two building project consisting of a one story pavilion lecture hall and a three story steel frame structure.
Located to the north of Cathedral and Tenaya Halls, Half Dome acts as a front door to Ranchers Road and provides unobstructed views of Lake Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada.
S&E 1 provides laboratories, laboratory support space, teaching laboratories and offices for the Schools of Natural Sciences and Engineering.


The Construction department is a multidisciplinary team of construction professionals within the Division of Business and Administrative Services responsible for the design and development of UC Merced's buildings and infrastructure. From UC Merced’s earliest days, the Construction department has worked to build modern, sustainable facilities in a work environment dedicated to excellence and innovation.


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