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Project Description

The Medical Education Building (formally named Health and Behavioral Sciences - Medical Education)

The UC Merced Medical Education Building will house the medical education program, developed in partnership with UCSF and UCSF-Fresno, allied healthcare-related programs developed in partnership with community colleges, the departments of Psychological Sciences and Public Health, the Health Sciences Research Institute, and a range of medical education and general assignment learning environments. The building will also house specialty learning spaces for medical education, general assignment classrooms, and class laboratories to support several new and existing academic programs. New learning spaces are designed to be flexible and address the requirements of new programs, including hyflex, hybrid, and remote learning, and changes in pedagogy over time. Provisions will be made for both cadaver-based and digital anatomy programs. There will also be a strong focus on equity and inclusion and community involvement instantiated throughout the building. The building will be 199,500 GSF, four floors, all electric, and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) Platinum building.

Project Delivery

The project delivery team is utilizing Construction Management at Risk (CMR) to provide an integrated design team approach where both the Design Team and Contractor contribute to all phases of the project. The campus is committed to promoting and increasing participation of Small Business Enterprises (SBEs)and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBEs)in all purchasing and contract business, subject to any applicable obligations under State and Federal law, collective bargaining agreements, and University policies. The campus regularly communicates with interested contractors and consultants to provide information about how to find opportunities to work at the campus and to encourage them to respond to the annual announcement solicitingn


The Medical Education Building will comply with the University of California Sustainable Practices Policy. The Sustainable Practices Policy establishes goals for green building, clean energy, transportation, climate protection, facilities operations, zero waste, procurement, foodservice, and water systems. A full range of sustainability practices for building design and operations is included in the budgeting, programming, and design effort for the project.

The UC Merced Medical Education building will be all electric and earn LEED Platinum certification. To aid in conserving energy, the building will be utilizing chilled beams in non-lab spaces to deliver greater thermal comfort with less energy usage. The roof is anticipated to have a complete shade structure to reduce solar heat gain and reduce the call for high cooling demands during the summer valley heat. In accordance with the 2022 Title 24 code, which requires photovoltaic (PV) panels on newly constructed buildings, the building will have PV panels on top of the shade structure to produce 324 kW of power. The building will include PV infrastructure for the addition of future panels for an anticipated capacity of 761 kW.